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Using a pintube sampler is a quick simple process. 

Simply immerse the pintube into the molten metal with the bubble down. In seconds the bubble will melt and the holder will  jolt telling the sampler that the chamber is filled.  Quickly dip the sample in a cool liquid and in moments the hardened pin is ready to be cracked away from the tubing.



Burtec was founded in 1956 by John Burgener and James O’Neill. An engineer and a testing expert joined forces to create a revolutionary sampler. Convinced there was a better method for sample testing than what was currently available, they invented the pintube. It was immediately welcomed by industry professionals and its demand has continued to grow over the past six decades as the number of industries it services expands.

Burtec, which started out as a small business serving the North American market, now provides businesses across the globe with their proven technology. International corporations know that the Burtec pintube sampler is the best and only way to go.



Burtec Instrument Inc certifies that Burtec vacuum pintubes are made of borosilicate low expansion glass under close quality control to meet the following specifications.

1) At least 95% have a vacuum better than 1 torr sufficient to draw up most metals hotter than 982°C(1800°F) and instantly providing a quick-chill homogenous sample. Steel, precious metals, copper and other metals are routinely sampled using the Burtec pintube wherever viscosity is sufficient and temperature is greater than the melting point of borosilicate glass 968°C(1775°F).

2) At least 99.5% of pintubes have a precision inner diameter ±0.25mm or 0.01”.

3) Standard length is 152mm ±6.35mm (6” ±¼”) to end including the seal off drawn tip. Standard pin diameters (i.d. of tube) are 3.5mm, 4mm, and 6mm (0.139”, 0.159”, and 0.236”)

Note that it is impractical to guarantee tolerance specifications for 100% of pintubes because of occasional variation in primary glass production of as much as 0.05mm to 0.076mm (0.002” to 0.003”) i.d. within the length

of a single pintube. It is therefore recommended that the cutting from our pintube be weighed when the utmost chemical analytical precision is required.

Full or partially full boxes of pintubes apparently not meeting the above specifications will be replaced at no cost to the user upon return after Burtec authorization. Burtec will not be responsible for production delays or other problems which may appear related to failure in meeting specifications.



Burtec Instrument provides 3 different sizes of samplers. The various sizes provide different dimensions for all metals. Below are the specifications for each size and what metals they are commonly used with. If you have any questions regarding this information please send us an email through the contact page.

Metal Welding
Metal Furnace


Simple, Safe, Cost Effective

Molten sampling made easy

Molten metal samplers that attain a homogeneous and accurate sample in seconds. No more waiting, scraping or drilling. Reduce time, waste and money.

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  • Pintube samplers are high temperature borosilicate glass tubes used to sample molten metal. They are the simplest way to attain a specified diameter pin for testing.

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